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Premium Programmes

Enhance beauty from the inside with our premium programmes designed by Dr. Boren Tan. All the premium programmes start with a comprehensive health analysis to pinpoint treatments specific to your needs. Followed by 3 to 6 months of treatment procedures with the latest technology, including advanced stem cell technology, drips and more. Once subscribed, you can also enjoy unlimited medical aesthetic treatments, including HIFU, RF Microneedling, etc. 

All Programmes Include:

  • 360 Wellness Anaylsis

  • Unlimited Usage

  • Latest Technology

Premier Skin Revival Programme

6 Months - Potent Regenerative Effect

  • 360 Medical Screening
  • DNA Test (skin)
  • Unlimited Hydra-facial, RF Microneedling, HIFU
  • Exosome Drip x 2
  • Nutritional Drip x 4

Prestige Essence Skin Journey Programme

6 Months - Advance Stem Cell Nourishment

  • 360 Medical Screening
  • DNA Test (skin)
  • Unlimited Hydra-facial, RF Microneedling, HIFU
  • MSC 100 Million (Stem cell Concentrate) x 1
  • Nutritional Drip x 4

Youthful Radiance Revive Programme

3 Months - Body Transformation

  • 360 Medical Screening
  • Unlimited Emsculpt body contouring
  • Nutritional Drip x 3

SR Caviar Elite Revive & Shine

6 Months - Complete Health Solution

  • 360 Medical Screening
  • DNA Test (cardio metablic, skin, neuro)
  • Tailored Supplement
  • Unlimited Hydra-facial, RF Microneedling, HIFU, Emsculpt
  • NK Cell Therapy x 1
  • MSC 100 Million (Stem cell concentrate) x 1
  • Nutritional Drip x 4
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SR Caviar Consultation Steps

  • 1. Professional Skin Analysis

  • 2. Medical Wellness Screening

  • 3. Pre-Treatment Preparation

  • 4. Treatment Procedure

  • 5. Post-Treatment Follow-up

To begin, our expert beauty professionals at SR Caviar will carefully discuss your treatment expectations. We will analyze your needs to tailor a personalized and effective solution. Your unique needs and goals are at the heart of our approach, ensuring the best possible results for your skin. 

Enjoy a FREE complimentary consultation at SR Caviar!


Our dedicated beauty consultants will engage with you to understand your daily routines and identify the potential causes of issues, whether internal factors like hormones or external factors like pollution. By delving into these details, our experienced consultants will determine the ideal number of treatment sessions and their frequency to achieve the best results for your unique needs. 

During your visit, the beauty therapist will comprehensively explain the theory and procedure behind the treatment. Collaboratively, we will identify and confirm the specific skin area that will undergo the treatment. To begin the process, the therapist will thoroughly clean your face, ensuring a clean and optimal condition for the procedure. Rest assured, you are in the hands of our skilled and qualified professionals, committed to delivering exceptional care and results.

The expert therapists and doctors will implement the tailored treatment and continuously assess your skin's responses in real-time. Throughout the next few months, we will keep a keen eye on your reactions and progress to further customize settings for distinct facial zones to optimise results. Your satisfaction and well-being are at the forefront of our care.

After your session, our attentive beauty therapist will thoroughly clean your skin, ensuring it feels refreshed and revitalized. Your comfort and feedback are essential to us, and our beauty consultant will take note of your thoughts regarding the treatment. We will also provide you with important aftercare details to ensure the best results for your skin. 


To keep you on track with your beauty journey, our consultants will gladly assist you in booking your next appointment. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we look forward to providing exceptional care and support throughout your treatment process.

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